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About Us

Hello, my name is John Redman.

Engineer by day.
Maker by night.
Software by passion.
Hardware by education.

I think in rows and columns.

I have always been enamored with dice towers. I just think they are cool and a neat way to express yourself at the gaming table. The way I see it, rolling dice can be messy. The dice may roll off the table, knock over game pieces and who knows whether you should reroll or not when something wacky happens.

My original dice towers were fun but tended to be big. Once everyone at the table had one, there wasn't enough room on the table to play anymore! I thought commercial dice towers had similar and other problems and I just couldn't find one I was excited to own.

So I set out to develop a design that was small, attractive, and fun but still allowed for customization so that every dice tower could be unique. I have had a lot of fun developing Unique Dice Towers and I am excited to share my creation with you.




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