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Cthulhu: Complete Cut OTS

Product Code: UDT-Cthu-Complete-OTS

***On The Shelf; Ready to ship ***

 Cthulhu Dice Towers: "Complete Cut" with GREEN acrylic windows

Unique Dice Towers adds individuality and fun to your game. Cthulhu adds chaos and insanity. Complete Cthulhu adds shock and awe!

Laser cut, hand assembled dice towers for board and dice games. It's not about the tower. It is about you & what you like. The dice tower just makes everything more fun!

"Cthulhu’s Chaos" is a Unique Dice Tower with a Cthulhu theme cut from solid maple hardwood with a green oil stain.

I am really excited about this project because it has three points that make it unique from anything I have done previously.

>>> Custom Artwork! This has been my first collaborative project where I have worked with an artist to create a completely original design. Many thanks to artist and longtime friend Eric Muller of Hand In Hand Artworks for seeing this through with me!

>>> Custom Wood Color! Since you like your Cthulhu green, I crusaded into figuring out how to make green wood. We now have the perfect solution to make a great dice tower!

>>> Tower ReDesign supports 20mm DICE! The dice tower has the same dimensions but the slats have been redesigned so get ready to roll your oversized dice! Cthulhu’s Chaos supports your 20mm dice so now you can play King of Tokyo and other games with large dice. 12mm die rolling performance is also improved. Narrower slats and more space in the tower ensure the dice flow and no dice jams when rolling 35d6! Whoa!

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Cthulhu artwork by Eric Muller of Hand In Hand Artworks



Manufacturer: Unique Dice Towers



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