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Cthulhu: Complete Cut Ply OTS

Product Code: UDT-Cthu-Complete-Ply-OTS

***On The Shelf; Ready to ship ***

Cthulhu Dice Towers: "Complete Cut" with GREEN acrylic window

No options means this tower is packed and ready to ship.

Unique Dice Towers adds individuality and fun to your game. Cthulhu adds chaos and insanity. Complete Cthulhu adds shock and awe!

Laser cut, hand assembled dice towers for board and dice games. It's not about the tower. It is about you & what you like. The dice tower just makes everything more fun!

"Cthulhu’s Chaos" is a Unique Dice Tower with a Cthulhu theme cut from 3mm plywood with a linseed oil stain. 

I am really excited about this design because it has a few points that make it unique from anything I have done previously.

See more pictures on the KickStarter Page:


Cthulhu artwork by Eric Muller of Hand In Hand Artworks


Here is a VINE showing a prototype design using 20mm dice from King of Tokyo!


Manufacturer: Unique Dice Towers



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