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Welcome to Unique Dice Towers!

Bring your A-Game and express yourself at the gaming table with a Unique Dice Tower custom built at your command.



Ever tried playing your favorite dice game in the RV? Now you can no matter how small the table. You will never have to worry about “leaners” or dice rolling off the table again. Unique Dice Towers are designed to be as small as a can of soda so they don’t take up much space on the table.


In Game Features:

  • Unique Dice towers roll quiet so they never need felt
  • The window allows you to see the dice rolling and the design in the back can create a stained glass look.
  • Unique Dice Towers are two pieces, Tower and Tray. No more parts to lose in-between games

Post-Game Features:

  • Store dice. Tower fits in tray with no openings for dice to escape.
  • Designed to be functional and artistic, a Unique Dice Tower is art you can play with! Put your Unique Dice Tower on display… it makes a great conversation piece and is ready for the next last minute game.


Unique Dice Towers are great gift for people who are hard to buy for!



Unique Dice Tower review by Tom Vasel!





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