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Signature Series Police Box

Product Code: SS_PB

*** PRE ORDER ***

Laser cut, hand assembled dice towers for board and dice games.

It's not about the tower. It is about you & what you like. The dice tower just makes more fun!

"Police Box" is our first dice tower from our signature series. Police box is hand painted, enhansing the details of the workmanship. The tray has golden symbols on the side to accent this beautiful piece. These dice towers are labor intensive and we will be making 100 serialized pieces.

While we are in production of these Police Box Unique Dice Towers, we are offering an engraving on the front of the tray for $15. Once all Dice Towers are assembled, they will get boxed up for prompt shipment.

Show your friends you are ready to play when you reveal your Unique Dice Tower. Dice towers allow you to play your favorite dice games on small tables and prevents dice from moving pieces on board/table game.

Unique Dice Towers come preassembled so they are ready to play when you receive them. They are about the size of a can of soda so they do not take up much space on the table and they do not block the view of the game.

Dimensions: 5.3" x 2.9" x .1.8"

This dice tower is a special design that took me months to perfect. It is designed to be aesthetically pleasing both in and out of game play. Dice won't jump out of the tray, it is easy to transport and easy to find because you can put it on display in between games. Unique Dice Towers make great conversation pieces too!

After being launched on KickStarter, hundreds of Unique Dice Towers have been shipped around the world with so many positive reviews and encouraging feedback. I'm sure you will love this homemade item!

Manufacturer: Unique Dice Towers



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